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Chorus: New Songs

Chorus students have the following new songs:

Our America

I’ve Got the Music in Me

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STEAM-Powered Songs

Students from Workman, Rowland, and Ben Lomond composed songs. They wrote lyrics, added instrumentation, and recorded vocals. Song topics are heavily influenced by STEAM–Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

Download the album for free here.

Rock Song, Workman room 22http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/1wk22rocksong.mp3

Water Cycle, Ben Lomond room 22 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/2bl22watercycle.mp3

Covina-Valley Anthem, Ben Lomond room 23 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/3bl23covinavalleyanthem.mp3

U.S. Presidents, Rowland room 15 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/4rw15uspresidents.mp3

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (PEMDAS), Rowland room 17 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/5rw17pemdas.mp3

Pangaea, Ben Lomond room 24 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/6bl24pangaea.mp3

Cell Parts, Workman room 18 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/7wk18cells.mp3

Photosynthesis, Workman room 19 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/8wk19photosynthesis.mp3

Adding Fractions, Workman room 21 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/9wk21addingfractions.mp3

Mercury Rises, Rowland room 20 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/10rw20mercuryrises.mp3

Circle Time, Rowland room 16 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/11rw16circle.mp3

California Missions, Rowland room 18 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/12rw18missions.mp3

Human Body Systems, Workman room 19 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/13wk19bodysystems.mp3

College Bound, Workman room 20 http://k5tunes.com/audio/2013steam/14wk20collegebound.mp3

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A Song for Sasha Obama

Students at Rowland Ave. Elementary School wrote a song about the presidents. They emailed the White House to share the song. Here is the letter they wrote:

Dear Mr. President, Mrs. Obama, Malia, Sasha, and Bo,

We wrote a song about the 44 presidents of the United States. As a fifth grade class in California, we are learning about our government and we wanted to write a song to remember every president.

In this song, you will hear a snare drum, trumpets, acoustic guitar, and a bass. We chose these instruments because it reminded us of the American Revolution and it sounded presidential.

We dedicate this to Sasha because she probably had to write a president report last year in fifth grade. We hope you enjoy it.

Room 15 Students
Rowland Ave. Elementary School
West Covina, California


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Honorary Service Awards at Rowland

Students from Rowland Ave. Elementary School performed on February 28, 2013. This podcast features beginning band and advanced band.

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