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Composing Melodies

Fifth grade students at Workman, Rowland, and Ben Lomond Elementary composed music in general music class. They composed two melodies (this is impressive), added instrumentation, and decided on song form.

Workman, room 18: Paranormal
Workman, room 19: Joining of the Electric Wolves
Workman, room 20

Rowland, room 15
Rowland, room 16

Ben Lomond, room 22
Ben Lomond, room 23
Ben Lomond, room 24

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Chorus: America, the Dream Goes On

Chorus has a new song: America, the Dream Goes On

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Featured Composition: The Bear’s Beat

Fifth grade students from room 23 at Ben Lomond Elementary School composed this piece in GarageBand. Using two different sixteenth note rhythms, they wrote an intricate rhythm, a melody, added instrumentation, and worked on song form. The form of this piece is ABABCA.

This piece was submitted for consideration to the Digital Voice Awards.

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