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Fourth grade students at Workman & Rowland Ave. Elementary transcribed a rhythm. Then, they composed a melody and added instrumentation in GarageBand.

Rowland room 17
Rowland room 18
Rowland room 20

Workman room 21
Workman room 22
Workman room 23

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Song Form

Fifth grade students at Ben Lomond Elementary composed music in general music class. They composed a melody, added instrumentation, and worked on song form.

Workman, room 18: Take Off
Workman, room 19: The Wolves’ Beat
Workman, room 20: Walsh Theme
Rowland, room 15: Loaded Pampers
Rowland, room 16: AB/DC
Ben Lomond, room 22: Electric Shock
Ben Lomond, room 23: Bananas Going Crazy
Ben Lomond, room 24: Destruction

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